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What is 50more?
What are "curated matches"?
What's the difference between introductions and admirers?
What is the "Match Better" tab?
What is the advantage of a premium membership?
How do I filter my introductions?
How do I cancel my premium membership?
How do I unsubscribe from emails?
How do I deactivate my profile?
Why are introductions limited by day?

What is 50more?

50more.com is the only online dating site where you can meet & chat with sophisticated 50+ singles for free. Instead of having to endlessly browse random profiles, 50more does the work for you and sends you a handful of personalized matches every day. Join 50more.com for free today to get to know singles over 50 who are handpicked just for you.



What are “curated matches”?

We provide detailed profiles and ask you a lot of questions so that we can get to know you better.  Once you tell us about your values and lifestyle, we are able to use our unique matching algorithm and a personal touch to send you introductions that are suited for you.


What’s the difference between introductions and admirers?

Introductions are the curated matches that we recommend to you.  At that point you get to “Like” or “Hide” your introductions.  Admirers are members that have already chosen to “like” you!  At that point you can move on to chatting.


What are two ways to chat?

You may see different questions in your inbox or notice that you are offered to send questions.  There are two ways to chat on the site.  The first way to chat is to ask your own questions and start conversation in your own words.  The second way is through suggested questions. Striking up conversation can be difficult and scary so we wanted to help you break the ice. If you send a suggested question, your match can still answer with whatever they'd like!


What is the “Match Better” tab?

“Match Better” gives us an opportunity to get to know you better and as a result, we are able to send you better matches that are more suited to you.  We don’t share all of that information with your introductions.  We specify during the process of building your profile which information will be visible.  You develop a relationship with us and then we help you to start new relationships!  


What is the advantage of premium membership?

More Introductions – Premium Members can receive three times as many personalized introductions each day*
Unlimited Messaging – Premium Members have all of their messages unlocked. This means non-premium members can read and reply to your messages, unlike other dating sites that make both parties pay. With a premium membership, you know your messages can be read and replied to. 
Deal Breakers – Premium Members can set strict deal breakers based on age, location, smoking, pets, and more!
Second Chances – Premium Members have the opportunity to change their mind on introductions they have previously hidden

*Limited to the number of Introductions available and your Deal Breaker settings

How do I filter my introductions?

While these factors all automatically factored into your personalized introductions, we understand you may want more control to set strict filters for what you don't want. To solve this, we created Deal Breakers. In Deal Breakers, you can set filters for age, distance, ethnicity, politics, religion, smoking, and education. Only want to date non-smokers? No problem! Only want to date someone within 50 miles? We get it! To set your Deal Breakers, please click your profile photo in the navigation menu and select "Deal Breakers". From there, Premium Members can set the filters they'd like.

How do I cancel my premium membership?

We really hope you will give us a chance to continue to help you match better.  We would love your feedback, as we are still a new site and we are looking to improve.  However, if you would like to cancel (Hey, maybe you met someone here!) then go to your profile photo at the top right of the site, click your photo, and click "Premium Membership" in the drop down menu. From your Premium Membership page, click the "Cancel Auto-Renew" link and follow the instructions.


How do I unsubscribe from emails?

You can keep your membership on 50more even if you don’t want to receive emails.  Click here to decide which types of emails you want to receive and from which you want to unsubscribe.


How do I deactivate my profile?

You may deactivate your profile at any time by going to your profile photo at the top right of the site, clicking your photo, and clicking "Account Settings" in the drop down menu. At the bottom of the Account Settings page, there is a button to deactivate your account. We hope you will tell us what you enjoyed as well as provide for us your constructive criticism.  Let us know if there are any features that would make you come back or if you are just taking a break from dating overall. Of course we especially want to hear about any success stories too!

Why are introductions limited by day?

Early on we made a very clear decision to be quite different from all of the other dating sites out there. Thus, we decided to not be a part of the meat-market, endless browsing culture that exists on almost every other dating site. 50more was specifically created to not waste anyone's time and produce better results in the short term. That's why we only send a handful of personalized introductions per day based on our unique matching tool. 

While most sites let you browse endlessly, they don't let you communicate unless both parties pay. We think that's backwards! We'll send you only the best introductions for you each day you log in. Premium Members have all of their messages unlocked which means even non-premium members can read and reply to your messages for free so you can focus on the most important step: connecting.

To maximize the number of introductions you receive, we encourage you to login every day and become a Premium Member.

More questions? Reach us at help@50more.com

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