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How do I filter my introductions?

Part of what makes 50more unique is our "VOC" matching tool that is tailored to making the most fruitful connections for singles over 50. For more information about our matching tool, please go here.

But in order for our matching tool to work effectively, we need plenty of information about you! If you are disappointed in your introductions so far, you can improve them by answering more matching questions in the Match Better section. The more you answer, the more we understand you and what you're looking for.

To answer more Match Better questions:

On web: click the Match Better section in the top navigation menu
On app: tap the heart symbol on the bottom navigation menu

All of the questions are optional and you can leave and come back to answer more questions at any time. We look at all of your answers holistically so there is no need to worry that one answer alone will lead us to think you are a “certain” type of person!

While our matching tool is looking at you holistically, we understand that some things may be Deal Breakers - maybe you absolutely won't date someone over 50 miles away or perhaps you won't date someone who smokes. To solve this, Premium Members can set Deal Breakers, which are strict filters based on age, distance, education, religion, ethnicity, politics, and smoking. When Deal Breakers are set, we filter all members who do not fit your preferences out of your introductions unless they have already liked you.

To set your Deal Breaker filters:

On web: click your profile photo in the top navigation menu and then select Deal Breakers from the dropdown
On app: tap your profile photo in the bottom navigation menu, tap the gear icon in the top righthand corner, and then select Set Deal Breakers

Once you are in the Deal Breaker section, you can turn any of your Deal Breakers "on" by clicking the "on/off" toggle next to the category. When you turn one category on, it will reveal the settings.
For age: drag both ends of the range to the appropriate ages and click save
For distance: drag the righthand end of the range to the appropriate distance and click save
For all other deal breakers: select the items that are deal breakers. The items that are selected should only be the ones you want to remove from your browse queue. For example, if you are looking for a non-smoker, you should select "smokes" because "it is a deal breaker if he smokes". The items that are highlighted in blue with an "x" on the righthand side are what will be removed from your browse queue.

Please note: Deal Breaker filters eliminate potential introductions. Our matching tool always takes these factors into consideration so if you are not receiving new introductions, we recommend opening up your filters more.

To get more Introductions:
If you'd like more introductions in your daily batches, become a Premium Member! Premium Members can receive over three times as many introductions per daily login.



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